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April 22, 2010 — With the country’s unemployment hovering around 10%, many professionals are on the hunt for the perfect job. But what job? What industry? To the rescue are online career-assessment tests that aim to help workers (and daydreamers) identify suitable jobs and work environments. We took four tests to learn what [...]

February 10, 2010
Talk about control. In addition to managing themselves, self-employed workers have their own options for retirement saving, too. Two of the best options: solo 401(k)s and solo Roth 401(k)s.
Both have been around a few years but are more common now as accountants with entrepreneurial clients have become more fluent with them, [...]

For those who lack a conventional office, shared, or “coworking,” spaces promise to solve some of the dilemmas of working alone. These facilities provide environments where professional nomads can work in relative quiet and even socialize around the coffee pot, or copier. Just how well could we “cowork”? To find out, we took laptop and cellphone to four facilities in four cities.

BNET (CBS) – April, 1 2007
This is a four-story package I wrote for BNET, a business strategy site from that is now CBS-owned. The focus was on service and actionable information for business-minded readers.
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BNET (CBS) – February 29, 2008
According to a recent survey by Gensler, the prominent corporate architecture firm, half of all employees say they would work an extra hour per day if they had a better workplace. So why do so many companies maintain dark, cramped, ugly, or poorly designed offices?
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